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Updated: Dec 29, 2017

The Chasing Summits Project is all about chasing your dreams. We strive for that feeling of complete serenity and contentment all while pushing the boundaries of our personal inhibitions. I started the project as more of a challenge - can we hit 26 mountains in just 19 weeks?? Only time will tell I suppose, but I am optimistic. I found that the more I talked about it, the more people asked why the hell do I do what I do? What pushes me to get up at 3am, drive 4 hours, board for the day, then drive 4 hours back home? I do this every single weekend.

Some call it crazy, I call it passion.

The project began to morph into something deeper. When I sat down to really think about it, I realized there is more to the story than just a love for snowboarding. It's the mountains. It's the people. It's the culture. It's all the positive vibes that happen when you spend the day riding with like-minded human beings.

I decided to focus on the concept of passion. What fuels the passion of those who live and travel to these mountain towns? I will be teaming up with some awesome individuals to get an inside perspective of what makes those mountain towns tick.

At the simplest level, I am searching for that perfect day. You know the one, you can’t stop smiling ear to ear. Maybe you just crushed a new feature or learned how to get off the chairlift without falling. For the extremely lucky ones, maybe you just laid fresh tracks in Canada’s back country or found some new terrain you have never been on. However you shred, we all get that same feeling – pure fucking bliss.

Now, combine that with awesome friends, new or old, and some awesome après bars; perhaps sprinkle it with some cool places to stay and some other insane winter activities … and you have one epic mountain town that promises to provide some great memories.

Follow me as I embark on a journey to find what makes these mountain resorts tick and what fuels the passion of those who who live and ride there with me. The Chasing Summits Project - in search of the perfect day.

Instagram: @J_does_epic


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