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Here's 3 things you can do that will shake up your summer routine - and might even get your heart pumping.


1. Sunrise paddleboard session

Seldom compares to being on the lake while watching the sun come up over the mountains. Now, this could be an issue for a majority of people who don't have a SUP - not many places will rent overnight and then there's the logistic of fitting it in your car.

Lucky for us, someone thought of that. SUP Tahoe in South Lake will not only let you rent for multiple days, but they will also hook you up with some roof blocks and straps so you can transport the boards. You then have the freedom to take the boards to whatever part of the lake you want! I suggest the Nevada side, Zephyr cove and Sand Harbor have easily accessible beaches.

Look up what time sunrise is and plan to be on the water about 20 minutes before that to really take it all in. Trust me when I say the early morning wake up call is 100% worth it.


2. Play on some rocks

Okay, so they are more like cliffs but this is one of Tahoe's best kept secrets. With crystal clear alpine waters and deep swimming holes, Emerald pools are a must for any adrenaline seeker. Ever tried bouldering with a swimming hole as your crash pad? The pools are a playground for brave and adventurous.

If you have never been, finding the pools can be a bit tricky. Accessing the swimming holes can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be, depending on what your end game is of course. Check out this handy dandy map to get you pointed in the right direction! Keep in mind locations are not exact and are only to act as a general reference.

Emerald pools are located 20 minutes west of Truckee off I-80 on the Yuba River near Lake Spaulding. Click HERE for driving directions.

Maneuvering the topography can be difficult so please only explore areas that are comparable to your skill level. Climbers and jumpers assume all risks.


3. Express yourself

Abandoned for years, these old tunnels have become a canvas for artists, true masterpieces speckled throughout the ever evolving layers of graffiti. It used to be a safe haven, but it's become increasingly popular over the years so the added foot traffic can make it a little more difficult to make your mark. The tunnels are located near Donner Summit, just west of Truckee.


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Patti Fortlage
Patti Fortlage
Oct 01, 2018

Gosh those pictures are so inviting!

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